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Computer Science, Informatics Practices and Multimedia & Web Technology is subject which require extensive practical on hands knowledge. As much as you practice your confidence level will increase because in CBSE Board Exam there are questions to write code of a program, debug error from a code or write the output of a code.
You have to do lots of practice to attempt any type of questions. For this you may need various type of software like Java JDK, Netbeans, MySQL, GUI version of MySQL, Turbo C and Python software with IDE. You can download required softwares from here.

List of Downloadable software

Java2 SE JDK - 6u34 Java2 SE JDK - 7 JDK 6u26 & NetBeans-7 (Bundled)
JDK 7u3 & NetBeans-7.1 (Bundled) MySql 5.1 for Win 32 MySql 5.5.27 for Win 32
MySql 5.5.27 for Win 64 MySql GUI Tools for Win 32 SQLAPI++ Library
TURBO C++ WinRAR 4.20 for Win 32 WinRAR 4.20 for Win 64
jCalendar 1.4 (Swing Control) DOSBox0.74 installer Emulated_Turbo_C++
install4j for Window 32 Bits-Creates Setup of Java Application install4j for Window 64 Bits-Creates Setup of Java Application Code::Block IDE bundled with MinGW compiler for C++ 10.05
LibXL (Library for access MS Excel files from C++) Python (Software and IDE for CBSE Curriculum) Keep watching for Coming Up New Software

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