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Dear Friends
We added new menu Forum where you can post your queries / doubts in detail and get solution of them.
To post your questions you have to register yourself.
Click on Forum menu... we welcome you to Forum.
6th October 2014 11:02pm
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Aishwarya says...
What kind of questions will come from the chapter SQL in cs? Will they ask questions like write briefly about the create table command for example?
25th March 2015 11:56pm
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Rupkatha says...
Please tell me answer to the following que :)
class player
int health;
int age;
player() {health=7;age=17;} //Constructor1
player(int h,int a) {health=h; age=a;}//Constructor 2
player(player &p){} //Constructor 3
int main()
player p1(9,26);
player p3=p1;
return 0;

Q. Which constructor gets invoked when p3 object is created and why?
Q. Write complete definition for Constructor3.
25th March 2015 1:42pm
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Emad says...
I know the answer only to the first question. Constructor 2 ideally should be the answer because in the case of constructor overloading (i.e. declaring a constructor multiple times with different parameters) after the object is initialized, it takes the value from those constructors whose parameters are matched. eg. USING THE ABOVE CODE:- if the initialization of the object would be : player p; then it would invoke constructor 1. and if the initialization would be : player p6; player Read More
25th March 2015 3:25pm
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Programmer says...
1) When object p3 is created copy constructor(constructor 3) is invoked and this is an example of explicit call to copy constructor and copy constructor is called because the statement p3=p1 is invoking copy constructor explicitly and also the value of p1 is to be copied to object p3 and \\\"The copy constructor is a constructor which creates an object by initializing it with an object of the same class, which has been created previously\\\". 2) player(player &p) { Read More
28th March 2015 10:07am
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onkar says...
Sir please answer this Q plz..
char result[][10] = {\"GOLD\",\"SILVER\",BRONZE\"};
int Getit = 9,Guess;
for(int turn = 1; turn<4; turn++)
{ Guess = random(turn);

PLZ SIR answer it ,.....i need it for BOARDS...plz
24th March 2015 5:08pm
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